You Stupid Idiot! My Wife Is An Asshole!

{June 29, 2006}   My Wife Is A Fucking Asshole!

It will probably take you some time to really let yourself believe what I write… I am a guy and my wife is a complete jerk. You Stupid Idiot… you do nothing for the kids, you do nothing for me, what little you do, you do for yourself. I try and try again and hope everytime you will change… maybe not for me, but perhaps for the kids. Our daughter will be 14, and she is old enough to see who you really are… our son will be 9, and he is mad at you because you never go to his baseball games. You stupid idiot… you will never know about the awsome catch he had playing center field. I never told you because you weren’t there, so that leads me to believe that you just don’t care to hear about it either. You make our daughter do everything while you sit on your ass. You don’t work and it would be a pipe dream to have a warm dinner for the family when I get home in the evening. Everyday I fight to survive. I work hard to keep our bills paid. Not only do you not work, but you refuse to help in other ways with expenses… you refuse to run the air conditioner less… you refuse to hang cloths to dry outside. Running the dryer eats up tons of energy! You cook and eat for yourself…. putting yourself ahead of your kids. You don’t coach, support, motivate the kids when you should… you are bossy, negitive, and complaining when you shouldn’t. You have one child that naturally grown to a teen and doesn’t like you. Soon our second and third will do the same… I defend you, and protect your position as a parent, but it only takes so long for kids to uncover hidden secrets. Kids are smart… kids have enhanced ability to read people thru verbal as well as physical actions. No one wants to subject themselves to bad karma… whether they conceive of this or not… its still human nature to distance yourself from bad things or things that cause pain. Our family is growing… unfortunately our family is like a tree that someone had tied a chain around it many years ago… the tree grows, but unfortunately it has grown around this chain and eventually will discover this and eventually die. You don’t care that you are a chain choking our family to death. You don’t think about the harm you have caused our kids and myself. I tell you this all the time, yet you never change… maybe one day you will find this blog and then you yourself will wonder why we have stuck things out and stayed.


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Soco says:

Either we are married to the same woman or they are all like that.


Josh says:


Are you married to my wife or what. Or are they twins?

Sea Monkey says:

Your wife’s most probably a stupid, arrogant b!tch. My wife is undoubtedly a stupid, arrogant b!tch. Life sucks and then you die. But your WordPress theme is reasonably hot. And rather green.

Crusty Banana says:

well this is obviously the wife writing to the husband

Thug shit says:

Yeah she is a bitch motherfucking piece of shithole. Bitch should be fucked by a bbc then she should have her asshole stuffed by a gang of thugs

Loved the story, you should have kept on doing these

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